Hello world!

I am entering the world of blogging with open arms!

I have had many people ask/suggest I start a photo blog and after a lot of convincing….here we are!! Doing my first entry as I listen to the “1o Things I Hate About You” soundtrack. <—-I loved it when I was 15 and I still love it now! Hopefully with the start of this blog you will first get to stay up to date on all the great people and different subjects I get to shoot! Second, like any artist, you will also get to see the growth and progression of my work over time. I think that is what I am most excited about! Change is good sometimes!

Anybody who knows me knows if I had it my way, I would shoot high fashion all day long followed but rockstars all night! Some may say “That’s quite a dream” and I agree, but only time will tell……However, I also love shooting “people” in general. I shoot a ton of portraits which are SO much fun! From babies to seniors to couples….LOVE IT!

Which brings me to my first official photos on the blog! And who better to start off with then my kids…..and by kids I mean my dogs. I have two girls, Roxy and Muffy. The photos below are not anything too exciting…actually they have a little too much grain and noise for my liking but with these two I take what I can get. My dogs literally run when they see me whip out the camera!! <—-That makes me kind of sad now that I think of it. You would think I am torturing them! Anyway, I somehow managed to keep them sitting still for about ten minutes. Lighting wasn’t what I wanted but again…I take what I can get with these little brats and run with it! So here they are…my babies that I love more than the world.

Thanks for stopping by to celebrate the beginning of something new and fabulous! Stay tuned for more formal postings from actual shoots! 🙂