Concerts, Seniors…….. Resolutions!

2011…..oh the possibilities! 2010 was so very good to me. My best friend became my husband, I had good health, Chad (my husband) had good health, our families had good health and we all had each other for the few rough patches.

For 2011 I plan to really vamp up my business and go full force! With all the new great things that I was blessed with in 2010, I sort of put the business on the back burner. This year is going to be different. I finally proceeded to get the new logo finalized (Which I LOVE), new business cards (in the mail as you read this), a new blog (YOU ARE HERE NOW) and a new marketing plan I am super excited to get started on! On to some goals………………

First off, I am VERY excited about this years Senior Season which will be in full bloom soon! Shooting seniors is so much fun! They each have unique styles they are wanting to express and they are usually feeling on top of the world at this point in their lives. High school, done! I know I felt like I could do anything and why not… CAN do anything!

Here are a few senior rep cards I did in preparation for the senior season upon us. Senior Rep Cards are pretty cool because they are a unique and fun alternative to wallets. Of course you can get wallets if you like but this is just something fun and a little different you can do! (Yes, I am aware we are not in 2012, but I did that for specific reasons for the two girls)

My next goal concerns concert photography! The goal…….actually get photo passes!!! As of now my routine is buy my ticket, show up REALLY early, make sure I get to the very front and hope a 350 lb man does not start a mosh pit behind me! And in the crowd I do not get to shoot with my DSLR which makes a HUGE difference obviously from my point and shoot. Holding my elbows tightly into my sides in hopes I do not get bumped into while I shoot at 1/60th because of the lack of ISO range = NOT IDEAL!!! Even though I have gotten some pretty awesome stuff, it can be better on the other side of the fence. Photo passes, you will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine. On a quick side note, there are two pretty awesome locals that I try to regularly keep up with who shoot concerts/music. One is a guy named Abel Longoria and the other is a woman named Trish Badger. I admire and appreciate both of their works. Check em’ out!

Anyway, here are some shots of a few of my favorite bands. First off are a few shots from a  Shinedown concert. I have been to many concerts and this band is by far THE BEST show I have ever seen and each show is better than the one before. Amazing performers, amazing vocals, all around fabulous!!! Touring as a staff photographer for Shinedown = Dream Come True!!

Next we have Rob Thomas. Talk about a truly talented singer. I love going to concerts where the artist sounds the same if not better than the recorded album. That’s when you know they are great and this guy is definitely great. I got to meet him before the show!!!! ::::::Cheesy smile:::::::: Staff photographer on a Rob Thomas tour…..yes please!

This next shot is of Chad, the lead vocalist of the band Carolina Liar. ONE OF MY FAVORITE BANDS EVER!!! They produce what I like to call “feel good music!” If it doesn’t put you in a good mood then something is wrong with you! I have had the pleasure of meeting this band twice and talk about some of the most appreciative musicians you will ever meet. And I love supporting people like that! I cannot wait to see them come through Houston again this year…hopefully. Or any place close. We went to Dallas to see them last year. Staff photographer for a Carolina Liar tour….where do I sign????

Until next time folks, take care! I have some portrait sessions coming up…can’t wait to share!