For the Fun & Fashion Forward Bride: Part I | Houston Bridal Portrait Photographer

Welcome Back! So, each year I get together with the ever so wonderful Dorothy Strouhal from Your Makeup Expert to do a shoot. We both are huge fans of high fashion/couture looks and let’s face it, we work very well together! Our brains are always thinking a like and riding the same creative wave! Anyway, as you all may or may not know, I do not photograph weddings. Just not my cup of tea. BUT I do love portraits of all kinds and yes that does include bridal portraits! Who would not love photographing a woman looking and feeling her best while wearing a gorgeous gown? I talked with Dorothy about offering something different to brides. You know, for the bride who wants something a little outgoing, something with more edge. Something for the bride that looks at a magazine photo and imagines herself as the beautiful model. Our mindset, “Let’s creative an experience for the bride who loves the look and feel of an editorial style bride!”

We got two lovely ladies and two lovely dresses. One look is a little more high fashion while the other leans a little toward the vintage bride. I bought the vintage dress off Ebay and we did a little coffee/tea staining. The other dress is from Parvani Vida. Thank you so much Jeannie for trusting us with this amazing gown! We were both all smiles when we saw the dress you wanted us to use!!

So finally, here is part I of II. First off is Elise. I love working with her so much!!!! She brings SOO much to the table it is unbelievable. Take a look below, you will not be disappointed!!

Part II will be posted sometime this week. Until then, enjoy and feel free to leave some feedback! 🙂 Oh yeah, and Mom was yet again my helpful assistant! I tell you what, she is getting good! 😉