Giddy Up! – The Equestrian Shoot | Houston Fashion Photographer

Welcome back! I’ve been busy but glad to finally get this posted! I did a shoot two weeks ago for RHC Equestrian showcasing their new English and Western show shirts! We always have fun with these. Yeah it was in the triple digits outside but that is how we roll! Or at least that is what I say to make me feel better!

Of course I am always blessed enough to have a wonderful team to work with. Dorothy and Elise from Your Makeup Expert were on set doing hair, makeup and styling! They are good at everything! 🙂 Irena, my lovely assistant for the day, busted her bum for me and I greatly appreciated it! All we asked was to pass a Sonic on the way home for Fountain Favorite Happy Hour. NOT EVEN ONE! Grrr…. We had two lovely models, Abbey and Katie, who both did a fantastic job. And finally…we were so lucky to have Peacock Stables let us use their location! Lily was so sweet to us and they had such a wonderful facility!

Any who, here is a little bit of what we did! Enjoy! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! I have some awesome shoots coming up in the next several weeks. Can’t wait to share them. Until next time, take care! 🙂