My Boy Blue Turns 9!

Hello World! This is Mikey. He is nine years old, can you believe it?! Cute little guy huh? I think he gets his good looks from his aunt…..and that would be me! 😀

Anyway, I get to do photos of my boy blue every year for his bday. He was not too jazzed about it this time around….He is at that age when front teeth fall out! He is looking at it all wrong. Falling out teeth means money under the pillow. I’ve even tried to pull some of my teeth out just recently! Turns out my husband is not up for paying me for them 😦 A girl can try….

Enough about me here is Mikey boy! We had fun and I only wanted to put him in a choke hold once! Enjoy and remember folks, the weather is starting to cool down so now is the time to book your shoots for the holidays or just because. Time is going to fly by…promise 😉 And my baby boy is growing so my belly is only getting bigger. Take care and God bless!

Then I give the boy an inch…………and he produces this….

Then he tries to turn male model on me so I made him sign a contract….I own him now! 😉

Til next time…………