Let’s Celebrate! From me 2 you! | Houston Portrait Photographer

Welcome back! I have had so many changes so far this year that I can hardly stand up straight. The best one of course is my baby boy, AKA my little slice of heaven! The next best thing is having the courage and strength to leave a job and lifestyle I was comfortable in to officially launch my business as a full-time job and do what I love and have been procrastinating on for years. Is it a hard and scary change? Heck yes! But I have prayed for years and asked the Lord to help me find the right time and I truly believe he gave me a nudge/kicked me in the butt and said, “Ok, it’s time!” 🙂 And I am thankful for that because I had yet to have the courage to do it on my own.

That being said, I am here now and super excited when I think of all the possibilities 2012 still has to offer! Though I have had shoots since June, my first official month of being self-employed, let’s consider today My Launch Day! I have been working hard on new pricing in hopes that it allows for multiple options for my clients and their needs. I have also been doing website updates that have taken FOREVER! My hosting company is doing finishing touches on their new platform and it is going to be so awesome! I tried my best to hold off until they were done but it was just taking too long. 😦 That being said, jump over to my website and take a look at the “facelift” I did for the mean time. www.jnicoleimages.com

In celebration of all the new changes I would like to offer my clients and NEW clients to be a little something to say Thank You! Any session that is booked between now and the end of August will pay no session fee. How much is the session fee you ask? Well, that varies from each type of shoot. Send an email to jaclyn@jnicoleimages.com and I will be happy to send you a pricing sheet and we can discuss any questions you may have. This the perfect time to start thinking about Christmas card photos, etc. Do not wait til the last minute! I work hard but I do not work miracles! 🙂

Let the photo fun begin and THANK YOU for the continued support! It is well apreciated. And because no post on a photo blog should ever be without a photo…..I have included a little IPhone fun for your viewing pleasure. Yes, it is ok to be a little jealous. My squishy! 😉