Sail Away! | Houston Childrens Photographer

Welcome back! If you are a parent, and anything like me, you always have a colorful vision about how a photo day is going to go. In your head it’s quite beautiful and perfect actually. In reality, it never turns out that way. I too make this mistake often. My kiddo has a nautical themed room and I had an awesome vision of a shoot I wanted to do with him. His uncle built him a cool sailboat and I had a custom outfit made for him. Yes folks, the vision brought a tear to my eye! Fast forward to photo day, the boy wanted nothing to do with the boat, the outfit, the beach….nothing nada! He just wanted to roam…sigh….. My baby is such a free spirit and could walk and wander all day.

Well, the “session” lasted all of maybe five minutes and turned out to be a mini photo series of his escape! I can’t help but laugh when I look at what I got and what my vision was. Vision aside, he is my wee one so of course I love his mug in anything. Hope you enjoy our small adventure. Oh and on a side note, we really missed the mark with this guy. He LOVES airplanes! And that is an understatement. 🙂